Feng Shui 2013 – Tips For A Good Start To 2013

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Feng shui tips for 2013 – We make New Year resolutions in order to bring improvements in our life. In Feng Shui, there are ways that can help us understanding things on a deeper level.

Another new year is about to arrive and we must be ready with our new year resolutions which are mostly based on challenging improvements like  losing weight etc.  We recommend you to concentrate more on New Year realignments instead of New Year Resolutions.

A New Year realignment is all about becoming aware and appreciate things that working in our life rather than focusing on things that do not work. Actually when we concentrate our energy and thoughts on things that work then we can make big difference.

As a result of this we can make the good things in our lives bigger and the bad ones will automatically become smaller. When bad things will become smaller, then they become least important. With the passage of time we spend less energy on these bad things and eventually they continue getting smaller.

Top 5 Lifestyle Feng Shui New Year Tips for 2013

Clean your house – completely and literally. When you clean the surrounding space and take care of it then you actually feel better about yourself…this exercise will give a good cleaning to your home even if you don’t like this exercise.

Be careful about the placement of bed as it should be in the ‘Command Position’. By Command Position, it means when your bed is placed in such a position from it is possible to have a widest view of the room and it must also be supported by a wall (solid). Actually when you see more in the room then you feel quite supported and safe. Check out more feng shui 2013 tips.

Always try to celebrate the positive things in your life even if they are not so big. It is better to start appreciating and noticing good things in life.

In terms of relationships, keep your focus on what is working and embrace it instead of wasting time on what isn’t working.  (When you change the way you behave and think then it has a powerful impact on changing your elations completely).

You can also write an affirmation note on a cute piece of paper in which you can focus on appreciation and gratitude then simply plant that note in the plant’s soil (the best place is the Abundance area of the home). Whenever you water that plant, simply imagine that the positive things in your life are growing in a similar way and becoming stronger too (The most important part is to look for the Abundance area of your living space).

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In Feng Shui, if you focus more on good things you get good results while if you focus on negative aspects then you get negative results.   So change your focus in order to energize and empower the positive aspects in life – and once your life is empowered then ultimately you are empowered too!

May you have a happy and healthy future, a very Happy New Year 2013!

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